Bleach's Cars

2005 xA

Scion xA 1NZ-FE
  • Power Steering Belt
  • Alternator and AC Belt

Power Steering Belt
Remove the alternator belt. Losen lug nuts on front passenger side (right) wheel.
Jack up the front right side of the car using a proper jack point. Set the weight
of the car on a solid jack stand. I used the bolt circled in the picture for the jack stand.

You will need to remove the right side under engine splash guard. The one on my car was missing when I purchased the car.

Rotate the power steering pully until you can see the 14mm hex head.
Loosen that bolt to allow the entire power steering pump to slide
towards the engine. This will loosen tension on the belt.
Remove the belt and replace it with a new one.
Use a short bar to press the pump away from the engine.
With tension applied to the belt, tighten the bolt on
the power steering pump.

Alternator and Air Conditioning Belt
Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Loosen the top adjusting
bolt on the alternator. 12mm

Place a 14mm wrench on the lower alternator mount and loosen the bolt.
This will allow the alternator to be pushed towards the engine.
Remove the belt.