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1977 Zap A special decal package was offered in 1977. This package was placed on a yellow 280Z. It includes a large Z on the hood and the sides of the car along with a black stripe the runs along the top and hatch.

280ZXR In 1979 Datsun made 1001 ZXR packages. This was the minimum nessisary to consider this model a standard production car. The 280ZXR was a standard 2-seat silver 280ZX with a special decal package and a rear wing. This allowed Datsun to use the rear wing on their Stock Car races.

10th Anniversary 1980 marked ten years of producing the Datsun Z-Car. A special 10th Anniversary Edition was produced to commemorate this year. Only 3000 of these special edition were produced. 2500 of those cars have a gold and black paint scheme while only 500 were produced with red and black paint.
Red 10th Anniversary Besides the two-tone paint, the 10th Anniversary Edition 280ZX had a gold Z emblem on the hood, gold pin stripes on the hood, a 10th Anniversary wreath painted on both sides and the back hatch, red or gold painted alloy rims, and a special edition shift knob. These cars also had all the luxury options that a Z could come with from the factory.

50th Anniversary Turbo To celebrate Nissan's 50th year making automobiles, they introduced the 50th Anniversary 300ZX Turbo. While many 300ZX's that year bore the 50th Anniversary logo on the side, only 5,000 were produced worldwide that had the complete anniversary package.
This package included the logo on the side, dash, fender flares, black and silver paint, silver tint T-tops, logo on leather seats, and upgraded suspenstion. They also included every option available to the 300ZX as standard. The only option the buyer could choose was a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. It is said that less than 2,000 of these cars reside in the USA.