Nissan Altima
Installing an Aftermarket Car Stereo
This video shows how to remove the factory radio from the dash of a Nissan, how to prepare your aftermarket head unit for installation, and the process of installing the new stereo. It also goes over how to remove the air vents and dash trim required for this installation.

Check the links below for dash trim kits and wiring harness converters for Nissan Sentra, Altima, and Maxima.
SCOSCHE Altima 2007-2012 Complete Install Kit
SCOSCHE Altima 2002-2004 Dash Trim Kit
SCOSCHE Altima 2005-2006 Complete Install Kit
Altima 2002-2004 wiring harness only
BOSS Car Audio
BOSS DVD CD MP3 with Navigation unboxing
BOSS makes several budget priced head units for use in cars. Model BN9382WRC is one with navigation and backup camera capability. This video is an unboxing to show the included contents as well as bench testing the unit for functionality.
BOSS double-din with Navigation
BOSS double-din stereo. No NAV
BOSS double-din Apple iPod / iPhone compatible
Air Bag Light
How to reset a blinking air bag light in Nissan Altima
If there is nothing wrong with your air bags or their sensors but the airbag light on the dash is blinking, you can reset the light so that it does not blink. After unplugging accessories or dissasembling the dash, sometimes the air bag light gets triggered to blink. The process to rest the light is simple.
Altima Rear Brakes​
How to Replace Rear Brake Pads and Rotors
This video shows how to remove the rear brake calipers from a Nissan Altima. You can see how to prepare the caliper to accept new pads, how to install the pads, and re-attach the caliper. The video also goes over removing the brake rotor for inspection of the parking brake.
Altima Pads and Rotors 2007-2012
Wagner rear pads PD1288
Wagner rear rotor
Bendix rear pads CFC1288
Raybestos rear rotor
Bosch rear pads BC905
Bosch rear rotor