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Front Suspension

Reindex Torsion Bars

Raise the truck off of the ground and set it on jack stands. The front wheels should be hanging freely with no weight on them.

In front of the middle crossmember, you pull the boot forward to reviel the lock ring. Work a thin screwdriver into the edge of the ring. It will be tight. I had to work the angle back and forth while occasionally tapping the back of the handle with a hammer.

Once you get under the ring, work it out slightly. Do not pull the screwdriver away or the ring will pop back in place. After you have worked it off part way, use some pliers to pull the ring off the rest of the way. Be sure to still keep the screwdriver under the lock ring while removing it with the pliers.

Tap the rear arm of that holds the adjuster bolt out of the crossmember. Hang onto the torsion bar. It can slide out at either end. Feel the splines in the end of the bar and move it only one notch. The reindexed bar is on the right. To lower the truck you move the left bracket counter-clockwise and the right side clockwise.

After the bar is reindexed, just hold the lock ring up and hit the back of the ring with a hammer. It pops on real easy. Put the dust boot back in place.

Tighten up the adjusting bolt to about the center. This should lower the truck about 5 inches. Removal of the bump stops is required.

Shorter Shocks

Ford Pinto front shocks are much shorter than Datsun truck shocks and fit the factory mounting location. They allow free travel without bottoming out like factory shock obsorbers do. The Factory Nissan shocks are shown in black compared to blue Pinto shocks.

Unbolt and remove the front bump stops when the factory shocks are out. This is required for clearance on a lowered truck.